623 Cleveland Street • Allentown, PA 18103

Feel The Embrace of Grace

About Grace UCC

Grace Reformed Church was organized as a congregation on July 9, 1897. It was an outgrowth of the Salisbury Mission Sunday School, which went back to 1869. In 1894, Salem Reformed Church, whose pastor was Reverend George W. Richards D.D., adopted the Sunday School and guided its transition to a church.

Who We Are

The members and friends of grace United Church of Christ welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, religious backgrounds, etc.

  • We believe that each person is unique and valuable.
  • We believe that each person is on a spiritual journey, and that each of us is at a different stage of that journey.
  • We believe that small changes can make a big difference, as we lend our service to our community, and minister to those in need.
  • We believe in supporting families as they grow within the warm environment of the church.
  • We believe that a church that brings God’s Word to people in every situation, from all walks of life, helps them to grow in love and service to Our Creator and Lord.
  • We believe in the power of peace, and work for non-violent solutions to local, national, and international problems.


We have many active ministries and groups. Learn more about them.