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Feel The Embrace of Grace

Church Leadership

Grace United Church of Christ thrives because of the energy and leadership style of the people who volunteer their time on Consistory. Listed below are a few of the people that make our church community special:

Reverend Carol H. Bastin

Consistory President – Glenn Michael

Consistory Vice President – Rebecca Appleby

Consistory Secretary – Pam Wert

Treasurer – Dennis Kemmerer/Elder

Maintenance Fund Treasurer – Ernest Frankenfield/Elder

Consistory Committee:

Kenneth Wehr/Elder

Charlotte Miller/Elder

Gloria Roth, Financial Secretary/Elder

Dennis Fisher/Elder

Karen Lore/Elder

Theodora Andreas, Deacon

Annette Farber/Deacon

Brad Reifinger/Deacon

Jennifer Salabsky/Deacon

Pam Wert/Deacon

Kenneth Schaffer/Deacon

Kevin Miller/Deacon

Michael Gilbert/Deacon

William McQuilken/Assistant to Treasurer